Red Mice was copy thieved and plagiarised. That’s why I haven’t published book 2. I plotted arcs for the full series of five books, and book 2 was almost ready to go when I learned what had happened.

I had enjoyed every bit of Red Mice’s journey until that point – and yes, I now know this happens all the time. The empathy – and the true stories of morally-bereft fucknuts – really did help.

Two independent barristers agreed I had a case. But the woman in question was dropped by her agent, and the book was never picked up.

I didn’t speak outwardly on social media, no ‘blame and shame’ – that’s not how I roll – but the friends that knew about this were kind and supportive.

So, I want to thank you for reading and for being on this journey with me. It’s been quite the ride.

Red Mice is not over, and I will look forward to resuming our story when the time is right. Look after yourselves. ❤️