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New Digs…

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I will still blog here … but for updates and more, check out the new place. Thank you.

Red Mice returns.

Amazing news!!! Just in time for both my birthday and Red Mice’s birthday – Rae and Jude are back in the classroom. To hear that a group of ‘young adults’ chose to read this book off such an esteemed college reading list is incredible. We beat ‘Educating Rita’ amongst others!! I’m blown away. Thank you.


This has been quite a year, with the global pandemic our inner and outer worlds have changed. I hope this finds you keeping well, staying safe and being kind to one another.

Commercial Break

Since the plagiarism, I held back on publishing the next books in the series. Apologies to those who wanted more, I appreciate every single person who read Rae and Jude’s story, and I promise that they will return.


That’s the title for Red Mice TWO.

It’s very apt, on many levels 🙂 however it won’t be available yet for a while.


If you’re interested in reading Red Mice please use the links on the side of this page.

You can always drop an email to – I’d love to hear from you, thanks.

Library Mice

Libraries are havens full of stories. I love the smell of books, books clamouring for attention, crammed and jammed on ceiling to floor shelves. It doesn’t get much better than all those unexplored worlds. I’ve spent a great deal of time reading and studying in libraries. So, I’m completely humbled and blown away to hear that Red Mice was requested, and is now indeed on shelves, in all Manchester libraries. Thank you.

Red Mice update.

Red Mice was copy thieved and plagiarised. That’s why I haven’t published book 2. I plotted arcs for the full series of five books, and book 2 was almost ready to go when I learned what had happened.

I had enjoyed every bit of Red Mice’s journey until that point – and yes, I now know this happens all the time. The empathy – and the true stories of morally-bereft fucknuts – really did help.

Two independent barristers agreed I had a case. But the woman in question was dropped by her agent, and the book was never picked up.

I didn’t speak outwardly on social media, no ‘blame and shame’ – that’s not how I roll – but the friends that knew about this were kind and supportive.

So, I want to thank you for reading and for being on this journey with me. It’s been quite the ride.

Red Mice is not over, and I will look forward to resuming our story when the time is right. Look after yourselves. ❤️


New year and some news…

Jude’s Manchester

Where is Jude?

You’ll find out soon enough. He’s thinking about home…